My Father, 王春耻 Wang Chunchi

王春Wang Chunchi (1853 -1925)


王春耻 Wang Chunchi is the father of 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim.  Born in 1853, he is the eldest of seven (7) children, his father is 王会斜 Wang Huixie and his grandfather is 乃飒 Wang Naisa.  王春耻 Wang Chunchi was a farmer.  He married 章珠 Zhang Zhu in c.1880.  They have eight (8) children, 6 (six) daughter and 2 (two) sons. 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim is the elder son and 王荣朝 Wang Rongchao, the father of 王建馨 Ong Kean Hin, is the other son.


In 1920, 王春耻 Wang Chunchi came to Sitiawan, with his granddaughter 王清匾 Wang Qingbian (1908 – 1927)(eldest daughter of 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim and 林月娘 Lin Yue Niang), for a visit.  He returned to China three (3) years later, in 1923.  Due to sickness, he passed away in 1925 at the age of 72.


In 1935, 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim donated money for the construction of three (3) classrooms in 南华高中 Nan Hwa High School, one of which is in the name of his father.  王叔金 Ong Seok Kim also donated money to inscribe his father’s name in the Ong ancestral hall, the Ong Kongsi, in Penang.