Wang/Ong’s Middle Name

Wang/Ong Middle Name


28th Generation:   (春Chun). 王春耻 Wang Chunchi is the father of 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim

Note : 春 Chun is the middle name of 王春耻 Wang Chunchi


29th Generation:   (荣 Rong).  王荣簪 Wang Rongzan alias王叔金 Ong Seok Kim alias 王丽生 Wang Lisheng

Note : 荣 Rong is the middle name of 王荣簪 Wang Rongzan which is one of the three (3) names of 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim.  Similarly, note the middle name of 王荣朝 Wang Rongchao, 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim’s younger brother and father of Ong Kean Hin.



30th Generation:    (亢 Kang)                                       

31th Generation:    (宗 Zong)

32th Generation:    (兆 Zhao)

33th Generation:    (世 Shi)

34th Generation:    (亨 Heng)

35th Generation:    (礼 Li)

36th Generation:    (乐 Le)

37th Generation:    (朝 Chao)

38th Generation:    (庭 Ting)

39th Generation:    (贵 Gui)

40th Generation:    (文 Wen)

41th Generation:    (章 Zhang)

42th Generation:    (日 Ri)

43th Generation:    (月 Yue)

44th Generation:    (光 Guang)