林月娘Lin Yue (1885 – 1923)

林月Lin Yue  (1885 – 1923)


林月娘 Lin Yue was born in 永春县,桂洋乡 Guiyang, Yongchun County.  In 1902, she married 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim in Gehou, Jindou, Yongchun County in a traditional arranged marriage.  林月娘 Lin Yue was 18 and 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim was 19.  They adopted 王建鹊 Wang Jianque, the eldest son.  林月娘 Lin Yue then gave birth to 王丰宝 Wang Fengbao (2nd son) but he passed away at the age of seven (7).  Later, she gave birth to three (3) other children, all daughters.  They were the first three (3) daughters of 王叔金 Ong Seok Kim – (1) 王清匾 Wang Qingbian (1908 – 1927), (2) 王清去 Ong Ching Keo (1913 – 1990) and (3) 王清佃 Wang Qingdian (1916 – 1973).


In 1911, 林月娘 Lin Yue and her daughter 清匾 Qingbian accompanied 王叔金 OngSeok Kim to Sitiawan.  Mother and daughter returned to China the following year.  林月娘 Lin Yue passed away in 1923 at the age of 38 from complications of child birth.